Casually Spring

Welcome to spring… The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming much to the satisfaction of our sneezing and runny eyes. With that being said, here is a casual spring outfit that will only make your eyes water for good reasons. Promise. Depending on where you are from, the first day of spring brings to mind that it is now acceptable to wear white once again. For some of us, that does not matter, but it can be a fun concept to use colors and items in different conventional ways.

To start this look off, I began with a white Miss Selfridge Double Layer Cami Top ($25,, made from a cotton blend for softness and durability, that screams I just walked out of a cloud. It can even be reminiscent of waves in the ocean. I paired this flowing top with light blue trousers from Best Mountain Trousers ($84, made from a cotton and spandex blend to give just the right amount of stretch.

With all of the beautiful new additions that you have with nature for spring, it is only right to accessorize your spring outfit with just the right items. Beginning with the top of course, I chose flowers that are guaranteed to make you cry tears of happiness. These Pink Diamante Flower Stud Earrings ($6.72, help you to enjoy the floral trend of the season without sneezing. They have just the right amount of sparkle and a stud fastening for support. Since sunshine is living in its glory at this time, we have to remember to protect our eyes. Who would not enjoy having these Ray-Ban Aviators “Arista” ($170)? They are the perfect accessory for going out to lunch with your girlfriends on a gorgeous spring afternoon. This is a classic design that features vintage brown lenses and the Ray-Ban logo displayed on temples with gold toned frames. Even though we will not be doing much dreaming in this turn of the season, this Dream Catcher necklace is perfect for catching those wonderful daydreams about life. The Dream Catcher Necklace ($7.99, is a long single chain necklace featuring a metal dream catcher charm with three feather charm accents and a lobster clasp closure. It is lightweight and the perfect accessory for the Miss Selfrige double layered top. Pastel colors are definitely in for the season and what better way to showcase them than with this set of pastel and gold bangles? These GWIDIA bangles ($15, come as a set of mint green, baby pink and sky blue bangles that are accented by gold. To compliment bangles and bring the outfit together, I have added this floral boxy clutch from M&S Collection ($40.77 USD, This elegant clutch is perfect for nighttime or daytime use with its floral accents and gold hardware. The boxy shape makes it perfect for holding all of your necessary accessories. We all know that a casual spring outfit would not be complete without the perfect shoes. These ISOLA Delanna Leather Platform Heels ($119, are sure to have you dressed to impress. Leather platform heels with a round peep-toe silhouette perfect for showcasing your fresh pedicure, slender leather straps embellishing the front of the foot, highlighting an ornate leather decoration at center, boasting a tribal-inspired flair. A side adjustable buckle closure and a slender heel, wrapped in raffia, complete the silhouette with undeniable style.

For a spring outfit, this is the perfect look to go out to lunch on the patio with your girlfriends or just enjoying a great day out in the sun.

Casually Spring

Miss Selfridge white camisole
$25 –

Best Mountain blue pants
$84 –

Isolá brown heel sandals
$105 –

Floral handbag
$50 –

Bracelet jewelry
$50 –

Pink jewelry
$6.72 –

$7.99 –

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
$170 –


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