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Rachelle Amanda was actually born Raschelle Amanda Wilson in Long Island, NY in 1985 due to a fun name mixup that took years to change. She was raised in North Carolina where her family moved around a bit before settling in the Capital City of Raleigh for a bit. The oldest of three children and the only girl, she would say that she is a natural born leader and that she is often one to adapt quickly to situations and even change the tide a time or two. She has a degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Business Studies with a minor in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies.

Rachelle has always had a love for fashion and design and has often been known to mix up uncommon styles to create an entirely different look. With a love of classic materials and silhouettes there is always a chance that her style can go anywhere from sophisticated elegance to almost rocker chic in a moment. Never a stranger to change, she is definitely one that moves along with the times without losing her eye for timeless style.

She’s always focused on making the world around her a more fashionable place and “turning fashion into confidence.” Welcome to her world…


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